Since 1996, Reinicke Athens Inc. has safely and consistently provided a quality product with exceptional service and on-time delivery. Our clients recognize our dedication to these core values:

Our goal is to develop a relationship based on trust, and we understand that cannot be achieved without true integrity.

As one of our core values and understanding that the other three cannot be achieved with it, RAI views integrity has the foundation for all we do. We are dedicated to integrity in every aspect of our business and it is our promise to always operate at its highest level.

Our dedication to safety as our #1 core value and the culture of our company has resulted in:

RAI’s 2019 EMR Rating = 0.65

This rating places RAI in the 99th percentile for contractors in our class. We are proud to have been selected by our insurance carrier, FCCI, as a “Best In Class Contractor”. Our people are the key all our success and great safety records are a result of dedicated employees prioritizing and exercising good safety practices. From our CEO to every level of the organization, it is understood that safety is paramount in all we do.

RAI strives for top quality in all we do.

Our commitment not only applies to our products but our people, practices, and performance. Since 1996 we have worked hard to ensure a reputation that results in repeat clients and we are proud of that accomplishment. Many RAI clients have been with us for twenty plus years and these relationships come from our quality work and people. It is quality-oriented clients we seek and only quality-oriented people we hire to serve our clients.

Since 1996, RAI has been known for delivering great results.

Having grown our business through plant shutdowns and critical factory deadlines, we understand the importance of positive results. Unlike any other steel fabricator, because of our industrial roots, our employees know what it means to do what we say we’re going to do every time. We value our strong list of great clients and protect these relationships through results you’ll come to expect.